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28 Companies That Have Filed for Bankruptcy Since the Pandemic Began — and 13 That Could Be Next

One of the most interesting aspects of the present state-induced depression is that in addition to the fact that 1 in 3 ordinary Americans are now half an inch away from homelessness, even medium level-sectors of the capitalist class are collapsing as well while the upper strata of the capitalist class (e.g. Amazon) are cleaning up. Neo-feudalism is here, folks.

By Saundra Latham


Retailers had a brutal 2019, and while predictions for 2020 were similarly grim, they didn’t include the coronavirus. Now a growing number of companies are waving a white flag as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on not just retail, but other parts of the global economy. Here are some of the most prominent companies to file for bankruptcy since mid-March, including one announced Monday, and a slew of big names that are at risk of following.


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