What happens when anarchists run a country? History has an answer.

By Scotty Hendricks

Big Think

When most people hear the word “anarchy”, they think of chaos. It brings to mind images of gangs fighting in the streets, looting and rioting, without a police force to help end the madness. It can be hard to grasp why anybody would ever declare themselves to be an “anarchist.” After all, most of the news about anarchists in the United States focuses on their violent demonstrations.

During the Spanish civil war, a brutal conflict between Franco’s Nationalists and the Republicans, eight million people in Catalonia engaged in their own revolution. Based on anarcho-syndicalism, organized by trade unionists, and briefly very successful, the revolutionaries offer us a possible image of what happens when anarchy reigns.


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  1. The main reason people seem to equate “anarchy” with “chaos” is that they haven’t heard of my 1995-96 essay, “Assassination Politics”.

    My idea solves David Friedman’s “Hard Problem”, described in his 1973/1989/2014 book “The Machinery of Freedom”. Makes anarchy stable. Allows an anarchic or libertarian society to defend itself against agressive foreign regimes. Allows the public to destroy agressive foreign regimes.

    The reason most people haven’t heard of my AP essay is that some people are trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

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