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Rift grows between Trump, health experts amid coronavirus surge

Who cares? Trump is obviously a narcissistic lunatic, but so-called “health experts” (white coat priesthood) have shown themselves to be a partisan/ideologically-driven liars as well: “Don’t wear masks but wear masks and don’t go to funerals but go to protests.”

ABC News

As President Donald Trump threatens to cut funding to schools that don’t reopen in the fall and continues to host mega-rallies as cases of coronavirus increase, there appears to be a growing rift between the Trump White House and its top health advisers.

The president has taken his criticism of the government’s top expert on infectious diseases and of leaders at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention into the public forum in his massive push to reopen the country.


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  1. One way headlines lie is this:

    “Rift grows between Trump, health experts amid coronavirus surge”

    Does the headline mean “ALL health experts” or “SOME health experts”?
    To be literally true, there need only be TWO “health experts” on the other side. But the false implication of this headline is that “all”, each and every, “health expert” opposes what Trump is saying.

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