First as a Tragedy, Then as a Farce Reply

From the text of the 1976 Constitution of Enver Hoxha’s Albania. Sound familiar?

Article 53

Citizens enjoy the freedom of speech, the press, organization, association, assembly and public manifestation.
The state guarantees the realization of these freedoms, it creates the conditions for them, and makes available the necessary material means.

Article 54
The right to join various organizations which operate in the political, economic, cultural as well as in any other field of the country’s life, is guaranteed to the citizens.

Article 55
The creation of any type of organization of a fascist, anti-democratic, religious, and anti-socialist character is prohibited.
Fascist, anti-democratic, religious, war-mongering, and anti-socialist activities and propaganda, as well as the incitement of national and racial hatred are prohibited.

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