Ruling Class, Your Days Are Numbered

This is an article on the protest in Richmond from where the above photo was taken.

By Hannah Allum

Robert E. Lee’s days are numbered.

A landmark statue of the Confederate general installed 130 years ago in Richmond, Va., is at the center of a campaign to remove monuments that glorify the losing side of the Civil War. There’s a legal battle over whether to remove the Lee statue, but few here expect his monument to survive the re-energized anti-racism movement sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

So, until the day a crane shows up to haul off the general, Black protesters and their supporters are camped out at the site, which has become a place of pilgrimage. Over the Fourth of July weekend, there were songs and speeches and families coming to take photos. Their backdrop was a Confederate hero whose legacy is challenged in graffiti on the pedestal that holds him up.



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  1. This is good news. Does the Boogaloo movement have a coherent political philosophy? The few that I’ve seen in comments sections online can’t seem to articulate much beyond that they are something like quasi-libertarian with a number of factions on the periphery trying to co-opt them.

    “Dunn led the Black group across the street to merge with the bigger group. There were murmurs of disapproval among the white nationalists, but the Boogaloo boys welcomed the Black protesters, each side checking out and complimenting the others’ weaponry. The police herded them all down the street, out of the shade, leaving them to swelter in their heavy flak vests.”
    “Dunn and most of the Hawaiian shirts rejected the separatist message. They stormed off, enraged by ‘Nazi wing-nuts’ hijacking their rally. They joined the Black protesters in chants to drown out the white supremacists who were peddling a plan for the ‘peaceful Balkanization’ of the country.”
    “The speaker’s words grew muffled as Dunn’s Boogaloo camp began a chant: ‘White supremacy sucks! White supremacy sucks!'”

    • I only heard about them relatively recently. From what I can tell, they seem to be into some kind of survivalist/apocalyptic ethos. They get labeled as white supremacists by the media, but apparently that’s not the case, and least not for some of them.

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