Working Families Party breaks down TREMENDOUS success after progressive wins nationwide

The fact that progressives are a growing insurgency among the Democrats, that Qanon types are winning primaries as Republicans, and public intellectuals and celebrities are trying to launch third parties shows that a lot of folks are getting pissed off at the system.

State Director of the New York Working Families Party Sochie Nnaemeka explains how progressives developed a working relationship with voters to unseat establishment candidates in the state.

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  1. When I see the words “working families” I always wonder if this is being used as a term of art: Is this supposed to include anybody who has a job? (Even the super-rich often have jobs.)

    And I also wondered if this can be portrayed as a dig against welfare recipients. But then I realized that even welfare recipients have jobs: They should show up at elections, once every two years, and vote for a political party.

    • Marxists use the label “working families” the same way the religious right uses “family values.” It sounds nice on the surface. Most people have at least some degree of loyalty to their family, so the rhetoric can be appealing but it’s really just about advancing an authoritarian political framework, either quasi-socialism or quasi-theocracy.

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