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A New Book Warns of Our ‘Neo-Feudal’ Future

It’s interesting how class divisions in the US have become so wide that even the right-wing has started to pay attention, which was previously unheard of in the US. Trump got elected on an anti-neoliberal platform. Tucker Carlson often sounds like Bernie Sanders or even Noam Chomsky in his anti-capitalism. Many on the Alt-Right have become Nazbols. And now neocons are starting to promote Joel Kotkin.

By John Loftus

National Review

As recent events show, the elites simply don’t play by the same rules as the rest of the country. Joel Kotkin’s new book explores why — and offers a way out. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE F or weeks on end, Americans were told to stay indoors. And for weeks on end, Americans listened (for the most part).

For every social-media story and maudlin advertisement feigning concern and peddling social cohesion, heroism, and sacrifice, a governor, public-health official, talking head, Hollywood celebrity, or tenured university professor warned Americans in a very stern tone: Millions will perish if we do not continue the course.

That is, until the tragic death of George Floyd. The subsequent protests (peaceful though no less in violation of social-distancing guidelines) and the pillaging mobs (dismissive of social distancing and the precepts of civilization) have undermined months of public-health policy, and the “stay home, slow the spread,” “don’t wear a mask” — oh, wait, “wear a mask” — doctrine has been rendered meaningless, at least for the godless kneeling at the altar of wokeness. Looted small businesses, already bearing the crippling costs of lockdowns, now face property damage and depleted inventories. Economic growth and crime reduction in urban neighborhoods could be set back years, if not decades. And this is to say nothing of the families who will flee for the suburbs.


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