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Trump Will March Us Toward Fascism By Any Means Possible

I agree with much of the content of this video, but I don’t think this kind of rhetoric is helpful. One thing one of the speakers in this mentions is a “generational divide.” That is correct on many levels, and one level is that those who consider Trump to be a “fascist” apparently have no knowledge of what the America of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, or even Bill Clinton was like. It’s obvious who Trump’s political influences are. Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller, who would have been President and Governor of New York respectively when Trump was a young man; Ed Koch, who was Mayor of New York City when Trump was first becoming a professional celebrity; Bill Clinton, the playboy President; and his friend Rudy Giuliani. You see traces of all of these in Trump. The idea that Trump is some new or unique existential evil is absurd.

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