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Bret and Heather: Sleeper Cells and the Capture of Everything

One very important aspect of the recent uprising that I have yet to see anyone point out is that, contra FAUX News, the lumpenproletarian class base of the insurrection are not “leftist revolutionaries” in any conventional sense. While this podcast by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying is correct in its critique of how the left has sought to use school and universities as leftist training centers, it is the lumpenproletriat that is the least likely to have attended college, most likely to have dropped out of high school, and most likely to have gone to very poor quality elementary and middle-schools, where they had teachers that were practically illiterate and where they were of the least attentive students.

For decades, I have spent time around many thousands of lumpenproletarians. Many of them probably could not name a single US President, other than the most recent ones like Trump, Obama, Clinton, or the Bushes. Many of them do not know what a Protestant is (even if they are Protestant). Many do not know the meaning of the Fourth of July or what country America originally separated from. Many do not know what a Congressman is.

Even if they are black, they only know that Martin Luther King was an important black leader. They don’t know why he was named “Martin Luther,” when he died, what decades he was active in, or anything he ever said other than “I have a dream.” Many lumpens do not know in what century the Civil War was fought.

As for World War Two, they know that Hitler was German and he killed a lot of Jewish people, which they learned from the History Channel, but they don’t know the decade or even the century in which World War Two was fought. They often believe in ghosts, think UFOs are real and have been hidden from us by the government, think the world is run by the Illuminati, or that the flat earthers may have a point. They often believe in astrology. They cannot name a single right that is protected by the First Amendment, or even explain what the First Amendment is. They cannot name a single branch of government other than “president.”

If they have ever heard of Karl Marx, they think he was Russian, although they would have no clue as to where to find Russia on a map. Ask them about “intersectionality,” and they think you’re talking about street traffic. I’ve had folks ask me if it was possible to drive to Europe. Some of them won’t know what grade their own kids are in.

Everything that I mentioned in the above paragraphs is based on conversations I have had with not only lumpenproletarians but conventional poor and working-class people, and even college students, of all races, religions, genders, etc.  Nothing I mentioned above was made up or exaggerated.

The point being is that these folks are not privilege-checking SJWs but from, what I can tell, they were the class base of those who made their move against the System in recent weeks.  Probably the most important thing that I have learned from the recent insurrection is that those of us who are committed to the total overthrow of the System do not need either the Left or the Right. What we need is more direct action by the vanguard classes. Everybody else can get in line.

How do Schools of Education spread the new religion of intersectionality and woke politics to K-12 teachers, who then spread it to children? How young is too young to be trained as an activist? Are there any industries that are free of this indoctrination? What is happening in the theater, and to other forms of narrative and fiction? Why is the DNC (Democratic National Committee) falling in line, rather than standing up to the nonsense? Why did the democrats abandon their base—working people, including especially blue-collar workers—and to what effect? Do university administrators have thoughts? Are we at the end of empathy? Isn’t this what a horizontal revolution looks like? In this 26th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. I really appreciate your insistence on isolating the trashy classes as the vanguard of this uprising. It gives me immense hope. However, I have a couple nit-picky issues with your breakdown:

    1.) Ghosts are real. I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

    2:) You are totally correct that these people are VASTLY apolitical, but there may have been some changes in the last few recent years. Netflix, Facebook, Videogaming, Comics, public schooling, to name a few, have definitely been turned into propigators of intersectionality. This is only important in that it is directly aimed at these classes. I’m not sure the result, except that I do know in pre-Maoist China their lumpenproletarian where magnitudes more uneducated, and at the time, more disaffected by hardships of real war and famine, yet willing enough to be lead by the nose.

    I guess what I mean is that when one of these lumpenproletarians gets offended when I call something “gay” the brainwashing prolly runs pretty deep.

    • The political correctness/totalitarian humanism thing is now more or less the system’s self-legitimating ideology in the same way that American exceptionalism might have been the system’s self-legitimating ideology in the past. Therefore, popular media (which is dominated by the new clerisy) will reflect the PC ideology in the same way it might have reflected patriotic American themes in the past. Nowadays, being “racist, sexist, homophobic” is a violation of social norms in the same way that being a pot smoker, homosexual, atheist, communist, promiscuous woman, dressing like a slob, etc. might have been a violation of social norms in the past. But the two classes that are most likely to violate or disregard social norms are the ultra-rich (e.g. Jeffrey Epstein) and the lumpenproletariat. The classes we’re now discussing are not burning police stations and looting Target because they were inspired by PC themes in comic books or videogames. They were inspired because they needed stuff (food, clothes, etc), wanted stuff (videogames and iPhones), and because pigs killed their cousin or their friend, or because they were tired of getting hassled by pigs just for walking down the street.

      Have you ever read the “Hidden Tribes” study that came out a couple of years ago? It demonstrated that “political correctness” is not very popular, and even more unpopular among minorities than among whites, with the proponents of PC being primarily concentrated in the left-wing of the white upper-middle-class (the class which controls the media, education, and entertainment industries that you’re referring to.

      Keep in mind that 46% of eligible voters did not vote in 2016, almost half, and presidential elections are the only elections where even a slight majority votes. Many if not most lumpens are in the 46% of non-voters. And many other lumpens are not even eligible to vote due to criminal convictions or non-citizenship. These folks are not “vote blue no matter who” partisans, and some lumpens are likely to have values that are just as red as they are blue, but I’d argue that the lumpens and many of the 46% generally are not part of either the Red Tribe or Blue Tribe (both of which tend to be dominated by the middle classes, particularly the upper-middle class)

      • I totally understand what you are saying, and appreciate the effort taken to say it! I would agree in principle if my eyes did not see different. Obviously, my own right-winger brainwashing could be playing a part, but my personal experiences with the dregs lead me to assume it is more than just PC that is winding its way deep into the hearts and minds.

        Could it be possible that, like in the stories of Robin Hood, or similarly like the Chinese classic “water margin” that the influences of the clerical ideologies are seen deep within the ranks of outlaws. Maybe the argument is that we are not talking about politics per say, but rather a paradigm lattice that permeates our society and has it’s tentacles everywhere: for whatever reason, the water in which our era swims.

        • It’s true that the self-legitimating ideology of the state usually permeates all classes to some degree. Witness, for example, the low-brow American patriotism of many classic outlaw motorcycle gangs, like the Hell’s Angels, who tend to be drawn from the same demographic sectors as patriotards, i.e. white lumpenproletarian, lower class, and lower working-class sectors. I’m sure there are plenty of lumpens who have absorbed the PC ideology, just as there are some to cling to the patriotard ideology, but those aren’t the dominant currents among the lumpenproletariat and where they exist they typically exist in a more selective and watered-down form than they would among deep red state Republicans or campus SJWs.

          • You got me! It is possible that because I live and grew up in inner city Minneapolis/Saint Paul, I myself have had to fight a certain kind of indoctrination, and am too ready to assume it is everywhere. A reactionary of sorts.

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