Pew Analysis Shows Only 1 In 6 BLM Protesters Are Black 1

There were plenty of whites and people other ethnic groups that participated in the black civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. Nothing wrong with that. Obviously, there are a lot of virtue signalers, do-gooders, moral panickers, middle-class co-opters,  ruling class opportunists, exaggerated sports rioters, and left-wing totalitarians that have come out of the baseboards during the uprising, but the uprising itself is real, and it’s being driven by a combination of race, class, and state. Some participants are motivated by opposition to police oppression of minorities, some by opposition to class oppression, and some by opposition to state oppression, and some by opposition to all three. The comments from Robert Johnson are interesting.

By Steve Watson

Summit News

The full breakdown reveals that just 17 percent of protesters were black, while 46 percent were white.

A further 22 percent were Hispanic, with eight percent being Asian, the analysis highlights.

Perhaps even more telling is the demographic breakdown in terms of political affiliation.

Almost four out of every five “protesters” identified as Democrats or Democrat-leaning, with fewer than 17 percent identifying as Republicans.

The findings dovetail with comments made by BET Founder Robert Johnson yesterday, who noted that most black Americans “laugh” at white people attempting to bring down monuments and cancel everything they deem to be “racist.”


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  1. YO White People, go back to work….the Summer of Love is over. Currently a Privileged White Person and lovin it…

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