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Mark Zuckerberg reverses hate-content policy after Facebook stock nosedives, will flag Trump posts if needed

An intra-ruling class conflict between Big Tech and Wall Street. Excellent.

By Storm Gifford

New York Daily News

Wall Street talked and Mark Zuckerberg finally listened.

The Facebook CEO did an abrupt about-face on Friday by implementing policy changes regarding hate content on his social media platform as the company’s stock nosedived.

At market close, Facebook shares were down 8.3% for the day to $216.08 per share.

Zuckerberg announced the changes during a virtual meeting on Friday as yet more advertisers vowed to stop advertising on Facebook, sending shares tumbling.


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  1. One major problem is that the term “hate speech” is a left-wing trademarked term for “speech from the right that we don’t like”. If Facebook applied a “hate-speech” ban that covered left-wing hate speech, this would look more credible.

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