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Was Malcolm X Right? Separatism, Social Conservatism, Rothbard, and Self Determination

Paleolibertarian Murray Rothbard was a supporter of Malcolm X and Black Power.

The mindcrime liberty discusses the case for black separatism in the US. If Michele Alexander and many progressives want to claim that the US still is structurally racist even after 50 years of the formal culture and state bending over backwards to change that then the only logical case seems to be separatism. Is the US the actual hellhole that people like cornel west and Alexander say it is (probably not) but nonetheless why do mainstream liberals, neocons, and progressives have no interest and ideologically opposed to any form of separatism or even decentralization. Why has Malcolm X been more or less written out of history to the mainstream? Finally was Malcolm X a social conservative? Would Malcolm X be a supporter of the war on drugs and is he pro gun rights and pro traditional family?

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