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South Carolina police release bodycam footage of officer shooting dead a black handcuffed shoplifting suspect outside a Walmart – after cops say he pointed a gun at them

By Emily Crane

Daily Mail

  • Ariane Lamont McCree, 28, was shot and killed by police outside a Walmart in Chester, South Carolina back in November
  • Footage of the fatal shooting has only just been released after the incident sparked protests and community unrest in the small South Carolina city
  • McCree was handcuffed at the time of the shooting after being detained on suspicion of shoplifting
  • The officers involved claim they acted in self-defense and that McCree pulled a gun on police as he was fleeing the shoplifting arrest
  • Shell casings from the scene show that officers fired at least two dozen times
  • The bodycam video shows an officer with his gun drawn approaching McCree from across the parking lot
  • The officers were later filmed removing a gun from McCree’s body



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