Inter-Tribal Violence Is Always a Negative

The comments below the meme raise an important point. What is being hinted at in the protestor’s sign would not turn out well for blacks or whites or anyone else. Whatever one’s views on systemic racism, remember that it is called “systemic” for a reason, i.e. because the System is the real problem, not skin colors per se.

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“In 1804 Haitians massacred the remaining white population in the country. They moved from house to house, torturing and butchering white men, women, and children by the thousands. They did so with a full sense of justice for what the white man had done to them.

While we hear about the dangers of white supremacism on a daily basis, there is virtual radio silence on the growing black supremacism and its role in the riots across the US. How many will recognize this photo as the equivalent of a Neo-Nazi promising to repeat the Holocaust?

This is why the myth of systemic racism is so extremely dangerous. It fuels a narrative of victimhood, wherein every instance of violence is justifiable as a revolutionary act against the oppressors. It’s crucial that we recognize, deconstruct, and condemn the ideological underpinnings of this movement before it makes good on its promises.”
-Darla Lundell

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