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Third consecutive weekend of anti-racism protests expands to suburbs, as ‘Blue Lives Matter’ demonstrators push back

It is interesting how the protests have taken place in small towns, suburban areas, and deep red zones as well as in the cities. My best guess is that it’s because the police state is large enough and entrenched enough that at this point virtually everyone has a family member or friend who has been victimized by pigs at some point. Really this is just a variation of those “National Night Out” anti-crime events, only this time around it is pig crime rather than the private sector kind of crime that is being protested.

By Toluse Olorunnipa, Jon Silman, Maura Ewing, Kevin Williams

Washington Post

Protesters around the country took to the streets Saturday for the third straight weekend of demonstrations as national tensions over race and police brutality evolved to include actions in the suburbs and a few counter-protests aimed at defending law enforcement.

While the protests were largely peaceful and many were smaller in size than previous weekends, they took on a new flavor as several groups gathered to voice their solidarity with police and their opposition to activists who have called for law enforcement agencies to be reformed or defunded.


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