What’s Really Happening in Seattle?

From someone who is there on the ground:

This is what’s actually happening in Seattle right now; it’s nothing like much media and conspiracies and 45 are saying:

Wanna know what is happening right now in Seattle?

There are livestreams of the 3pm general assembly that are worth a watch or here is the direct report:

Copied and pasted, originally written by the people of Seattle’s Autonomous Zone regarding false reports from the media of terrorist activity:

1.) The East Precinct has not been burned down. It hasn’t even been occupied. The doors were left open, and after the shit the police pulled the last few days of the protests, no one wants to walk into that trap.

2.) Local businesses have not been terrorized or extorted. The local businesses just spent a week getting gassed, as did the residents. The protesters helped board the buildings up *to protect them from damage from cops* and their rubber bullets and concussion grenades. The businesses were opening their doors to protesters whenever the police attacked.

3.) They’re not out of food. It’s a small area with several wonderful restaurants, and most of the people there are residents of the area. The houseless people in the area are now getting hot food and drinks. They’re happy to accept donations, but they’re not starving, and the houseless people did not run away with all the food. Please stop believing random Tweets.

4.) No, businesses do not have to pay protection money, ffs.

5.) No, women are not being raped, buildings are not being burned down. Come on, people.

6.) IDs are not being checked. There IS security, because in case you hadn’t noticed, the tangerine terror has devoted TWO tweets and one whole new misspelling to the movement.

7.) Everything I’ve heard is that they are taking time to heal and settle. Whatever you might believe the motivations or actions of the protesters, the last week and a half were traumatic for the locals.

8.) Clergy have started going down there regularly to offer counseling. Medics are on shift. Music, movies, community discussion, and decompression is happening. I know several residents of the area, and they are raving about how peaceful and joyful the area is.

9.) Volunteers are SUPER welcome. They need to have enough people in the area at all times to help keep saboteurs from coming in and burning the precinct or starting other trouble. For example, Tim Eyman showed up today, and was not set on fire, so you know they’re under good discipline down there.

10.) These are not violent people. They are people who just stood up to a corrupt, sadistic police force which deliberately shot concussion grenades and rubber bullets directly at medics. These police took a disabled man’s cane and tried to force him to walk without it, they maced multiple children. These are people who refused to be terrorized anymore.

I am really tired of the stories of vandalism and wanton destruction going around. These are good people who just lived through a week and a half of hell for the simple crime of trying to call the police to accountability.

Please share this. The Seattle Protesters are now being targeted in force by alt-right fascists, and our ‘President’ has just thrown gasoline on the flames. Please push back where you see these people described as violent, childish, or out of control. They’re very thoughtful people who’ve simply had enough fascism and decided to stand their ground.

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