Trump Says Domestic Terrorists Have Taken Over Seattle

Thank goodness Donald Trump is President, a figure that is widely hated, disliked, or disdained by all but a relatively small number of hard-core supporters. He’s an easy figure to hate, especially for the Left, and symbolizes ruling class excess. It would suck if during the present moment some faux nice guy like Obama was the Prez.

By Keith Griffith

Daily Mail

Protesters who have formed a free zone in Seattle to keep police out spent the night dancing in the street, dining on free vegan pizza and watching movies under the watch of armed guards, after being deemed ‘domestic terrorists’ by a furious President Trump who has ordered Democrats to regain control of the city.

The protesters have formed a six-block area they are now calling CHAZ – Capital Hill Autonomous Zone – in revolt against the police.

There are armed people there but the majority, according to those at the scene, are peaceful. Some Seattle residents say they have walked through the area with their dogs at night and that it is ‘more peaceful’ than when the National Guard were there.  There are free stations offering sunscreen, hand sanitizer and snacks, and plant and flower gardens have been set up.

On Wednesday night, the occupants voted on a movie to watch in the street. They settled on the 1990 film Paris is Burning.


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