Fourth Generation Warfare

Protesters kick out cops and set up six-block ‘autonomous zone’ as a memorial to George Floyd before taking over Seattle City Hall to demand mayor’s resignation

So how do six blocks become 600 blocks and then 600 cities? That is the question.

By Rachel Floyd

Daily Mail

Around 300 protesters marched inside the lobby at around 9p.m. Tuesday, carrying Black Lives Matter banners and chanting ‘Durkan must go!’ 

The group was led by Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant who unlocked the building and welcomed the protesters inside 

The crowd stayed around an hour before marching to the autonomous zone

Protesters took over a six-block radius around the East Police Precinct Monday calling it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, after cops retreated from the area

Calls are mounting for Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign from her role

Sawant blames her for the ‘violence and brutality’ of cops against protesters 

Earlier Tuesday a Black Lives Matter group sued Seattle over the ‘unnecessary violence’ carried out by cops against protesters 

Durkan and Seattle police banned tear gas for 30 days Friday after coming under fire for heavy tactics but cops were seen using it just two days later  


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  1. The Bloc is a very exciting development, and I wish I was there to see it. But from what I saw of occupy LA, its probably just going to turn into a homeless camp and dump. I hear they might already be running out of food, and having trouble with ‘policing’ themselves. We will see!

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