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Georgia state trooper tells protesters in viral video: ‘I only kneel for … God’

The main disagreement I have with old guard anarcho-syndicalists is their class reductionism, workerism, and economism. The main disagreement I have with modern left-anarchists is their Plato’s forms version of totalitarian humanism. Clearly, race reductionism is just as invalid as class reductionism. Cop reductionism doesn’t seem to work either.


ATLANTA — A law enforcement officer in Georgia is going viral after he said he “has much respect” for Black Lives Matter protesters after the death of George Floyd — but he only kneels “for one person.”

Georgia State Trooper O’Neal Saddler was allegedly asked to kneel during a demonstration in Hartwell while a bystander was recording.

“If I didn’t have any respect, I wouldn’t [be here],” Saddler explained. “I was supposed to be out of town this weekend with my wife. I took off today, this weekend, but I’m out here to make sure y’all are safe.”


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