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What’s Really Going On With “Defund the Police”?

Our own Vince describes what is really happening with the “defund the police” movement. This is entirely predictable.

This is a huge issue nationwide: the movement being co-opted by liberal/democratic forces. Essentially what has happened is the movement is being forked. There are heavy government resources being thrown at promoting and organizing “peaceful protests” that are more palatable to the middle class and the rich. These protests make piecemeal demands through city councilmen/women (usually of color) and others who do not experience the every day violence of the police state.

They promote these sort of elements so that they can point to protests and demonstrations that threaten the system and say “those over there are the violent people who we all hate.” Except if you go to the more violent, confrontational protests you’ll find just the people who are shot and assaulted every day by the cops: poor people, usually of color but sometimes not. What we have is a full on peaceful co-opt of the movement that started with burning down a police precinct.

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