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“We must never allow our enemies to determine the course of the future.”

By Troy Southgate

The fact that America’s puppet-president is portraying Antifa as the main opponent of liberal democracy may have the champagne socialists squealing with delight, not to mention fuelling the Far Right’s delusional claim that Antifa itself is to blame for everything that is wrong with the world, but if one takes a step back and looks at the wider picture it soon becomes apparent that the US Government’s latest dichotomy will have a devastating effect on both the Left and more genuine forms of anti-capitalist resistance.

Not only is Antifa an unaccountable and semi-anonymous entity that claims to speak in the name of all those who oppose the System, but the controlled media is busy ensuring that authentic non-authoritarians are tarred with the same brush. Those of you who employ this Establishment narrative, i.e. attributing all forms of non-compliance to Antifa or discussing the possibility of a two-sided civil war, are unwittingly serving the globalist agenda. We must never allow our enemies to determine the course of the future.

Prior to the 1990s, for example, I often found myself mentioned in the same breath as ‘British nationalists’ and ‘neo-nazis,’ but once researchers and historians such as Roger Griffin, Larry O’Hara and Graham Macklin began highlighting the differences between various groups it was possible to see how those of us in National-Anarchist circles were not promoting the same ideology at all. What we see today, however, is an attempt to drag us into a situation in which all political groups become indistinguishable from one another. Left, Right and everything in between. What seems like a wonderful time for anti-capitalist resistance, manifested as a struggle against racism and injustice, actually amounts to a systematic clean-up operation in which dissent is quietly channeled into a single, manageable block. If you end up in the same camp as Antifa, therefore, they – whoever they are – will speak on your behalf and that means having your anti-capitalist principles determined by a department of state.

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