Confederate statue in Monroe Park pulled down by protesters

This happened a few blocks from my residence. There was also a synagogue vandalized in my neighborhood the other night. These kinds of things happen during civil unrest, and Confederate monuments are a long-standing target for obvious reasons. But attacking the artifacts of other tribes is a bad idea. There are plenty of rednecks and rural Southerners who dislike cops, or who think cop behavior is sometimes excessive, but who are going to turn against protestors over this kind of stuff. It’s like when anarchists burned churches and shot priests during the Spanish Civil War. Not a good plan.

NBC12 News

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – A Confederate statue in Monroe Park was pulled down by protesters Saturday night.

The statue of Confederate leader Williams Carter Wickham was pulled down on the night of June 6.

After pulling down the statue, the group of protesters proceeded to continue their march.


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