Police State/Civil Liberties

Keith Ellison explains why policing isn’t just a black problem, it’s American problem

Keith Ellison has generally struck me as just another shyster politician. However, he is correct that the police state is not just a race issue. I would even go further Krystal and say that it is more than a class issue. Instead, the police state is an issue that transcends boundaries of race, class, politics, religion, gender, etc. as it was in the Third Reich and USSR.

Virtually anyone can come under the attack of the police state, although obviously, some are more likely than others. Even cop-loving conservative types should oppose the police state. Who do they think is going to come to take their guns, or put them in jail for teaching their kids creationism in home schools, failing to bake a gay wedding cake, or engaging hate speech for opposing immigration?

And I’m actually skeptical of these legal prosecutions of killer cops. “Guilt” and “innocence” are relative and subjective terms based on System ideology. We should be very skeptical of allowing the System to have a monopoly on the use of these terms.

If Chauvin and his associates are acquitted, the Blue Tribe/Black Lives Matter crowd will say they were let off by racist jurors. If they are convicted, the Red Tribe/Blue Lives Matter crowd will view them as victims of mob justice. Nothing will be resolved, and then another incident will occur and the same cycle will repeat. Far more important is to “attack the system” that is behind killer cops. Attacking the attack dogs without attacking their masters is stupid and a waste of time.



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