“Good Cop Bad Cop” Technique Rebranded As “Accomplice Cop, Murderer Cop”

By Janet Danek

The Hard Times

MINNEAPOLIS — Law enforcement officials have renamed the interrogation tactic “Good Cop, Bad Cop” to “Accomplice Cop, Murderer Cop” to more accurately reflect the reality of modern police dynamics, the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed on Wednesday.

“We’ve been calling it ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ for far too long. In the interests of transparency, the Minneapolis Police Department, along with other departments across the country, will now exclusively refer to it as ‘Accomplice Cop, Murder Cop,’” explained Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo. “With camera phones completely removing the veil of fiction we built up around our operation, we’re embracing the truth. Which kind of makes me a good cop, you know? All the same, we’re piloting the program with freshly incarcerated rioters and protestors to astounding results.”


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