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Things That Co-Exist

Conscious Resistance Network

Things that all co-exist:

– Racism

– Racism within police departments (obviously not all cops)

– A growing police and surveillance state that will kill anyone in the way

– Activists with shitty philosophy who want to create chaos or try to spark a revolution

– Police provocateurs/ paid government agents

– A soap opera where left and right pretend to be different while fleecing the people (Donald Trump included)

– A predator class that seeks to take advantage of all of the above aka Order Out of Chaos

If you can’t grasp this then your analysis is going to be faulty. It’s not an easy position to be in but this is where we are. When you say, “well someone needs to stop the looters” and cheer on the police state you are damning us all. I am not saying “do nothing”, I am saying stop asking the state to save you.

It’s past time to start getting organized. Protect our communities from violent cops, government agents, and common criminals. Of course, most of you will just read this and do nothing and keep counting on the cops and government to keep you safe.

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