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Police rioted this weekend, justifying the point of the protests

This is hardly new. After the melee at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the office of Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s investigation claimed what happened in Chicago was a police riot. But then the incoming Nixon administration (in collusion with outgoing Johnson administration officials) used the events in Chicago as a pretext for framing antiwar leaders on trumped-up conspiracy charges.

By Anthony Fisher

Business Insider

  • In cities across America this past weekend, many police officers committed acts of violence, callously violated citizens’ rights, and abandoned the rule of law.
  • There’s an institutional rot at the heart of policing in this country, which stems from privileges afforded to law-enforcement officers that allow them to break the law, abuse their authority, and hurt innocent people.

  • The Supreme Court has the opportunity to squash “qualified immunity” for police officers, but even that wouldn’t be enough.
  • Police unions almost universally resist any measures at transparency and accountability, and it is far too easy for bad cops to either stay on the job or find new law-enforcement jobs after they’ve been fired.
  • Democrats need to get over their reflexive pro-union posture, and Republicans should drop their knee-jerk fealty to armed authority, and defend the civil liberties of Americans.



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