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Pelosi’s faux resistance, Bernie MISSING IN ACTION from protests

Bernie is just as weak a leader as Trump. He proved that by allowing the DNC to swindle him out of the nomination not once but twice without raising a peep.

Krystal is right when she says there is no “trusted national leader” on the scene. But that’s a good thing. Nobody trusts anyone from the System anymore. However, Saager is right when he says that the cultural elite largely sympathizes (e.g. celebrities, entertainers, academics, intellectuals) with the insurrection and that the power elite proper (the industrial-financial-technological-military-intelligence-nuclear sectors) does not feel threatened by this.

I’m actually glad Trump is denouncing “anarchists” because that will hopefully arouse people’s curiosity about anarchism.

Krystal and Saagar discuss Nancy Pelosi’s response to Trump’s bizarre bible photo-op.

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