American Decline

America Has No President

They say that like it’s a bad thing. If only it were true. One of the reasons the Swiss system (which is theoretically similar) has been more successful than ours is because it doesn’t have a presidential system. Their executive branch is merely a council appointed by the Parliament. The US President is an elected monarch. Gee thanks, Alexander Hamilton (and kudos to Aaron Burr).

By David A. Graham

The Atlantic

Last night, as protests convulsed Washington, D.C., the White House went dark. All the lights were off. The windows of the president’s official residence were darkened, and the floodlights outside extinguished.

The country is sick, angry, and divided, but it also finds itself leaderless. Trump has never shown any inclination or ability to soothe or console in moments of crisis. He wants the trappings of power, like showing up for a rocket launch, but he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty with the work of governing. And he continues to view himself as the president only of the minority who voted for him, not all Americans. These tendencies have converged in this moment.



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