‘These cops love you’: US police officers join George Floyd protests against police brutality

The eventual overthrow of the state (not that we are anywhere remotely approaching that) will depend, in part, on the defection, acquiescence, or fragmentation of large numbers of the state security forces. That was the only thing that prevented a KGB/Red Army coup in the former USSR in 1991, and it’s the only thing that will prevent a CIA/MIC/Deep State coup when the state is truly threatened.

By Rozina Sabur


As interactions with police in America go, it was the very opposite of the mace and rubber bullets witnessed this week.

In Flint, Michigan, protesters urged officers to take their side as they demonstrated against the police brutality which led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

One local sheriff took them up on the offer. “These cops love you … so you tell us what we need to do,” sheriff Chris Swanson told the crowd.

“Walk with us”, came the response from the crowd, in footage which has since gone viral online.

“Let’s go,” Sheriff Swanson said. “We’ll walk all night.”


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