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Don’t Attack Small Businesses

From the owner of an Iranian-American owned restaurant that was vandalized by rioters.

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As a small business, we’ve been hit very hard during this pandemic. Last night, we were hit even harder. I came to the U.S over 50 years ago from Iran, a country where there is no freedom of expression. We are proud Americans and call Richmond our home. For 17+ years we’ve opened our doors & our hearts in order to share our cuisine and culture with the community. Opening up our doors today felt different today. We have been told by the news to stay home and stay safe in order to decrease the spread of the virus. Now, we say, please stay safe and please keep our communities safe. Hurting small minorities businesses is not the solution. Thank you to all our neighbors who have reached out to us. We need your thoughts and prayers more than ever.

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  1. The mobs of ‘progressive antiracists’ in my town vandalized scores of small businesses in the Downtown area, including a Middle Eastern owned cafe and a Unitarian church displaying a large Black Lives Matter sign.

    • I suppose that could be interpreted as a class conflict pitting the urban lumpenproletariat against the petite bourgeoisie (“swept away and made impossible”) and the left-wing of the bourgeoisie.

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