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  1. Why the hell would Mexico want a goddamn stupid border wall? what a nightmare for White Left-libertarians like me who want escape from the EVIL (((Reactionary Trumpian Conservative Evangelical Christians))) & their Zionist New World Order Right-wing Tyranny. I’d so love to live in an island, at least I’m lucky in Montana. a National Anarchist on Facebook Messenger told me that Montana would be great for setting up & running Anarchist Communes. Do ya agree, Keith? Despite that, I recently had a pretty bad meltdown tonight, screeching “Death to the Police & Death to Israel”, almost traumatised my mom, but at least I apologized to my Conservative Mormon mum who indepently raised me. At least Mormons, Mennonites, & Quakers are much nicer than the EVIL (((Fundamentalist Christian Zionists))) who shove the brainwashing Scofield bibles down everyone’s throat, & are the behind the Zionist New World Order Right-wing Tyranny. I always HATE IT when Single Moms & Single Dads get dehumanized all the time. The only folks on the right that I do tolerate & respect happen to be the Evola New Age Right types, + some ancaps/Right-Libertarians too

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