Direct Action Wins Again

An anarchist in Minneapolis who is observing these events on the ground writes:

“There’s now a number of different armed groups of residents out there defending their homes and small business owners defending their businesses. I think that this is great. Just because the police say that they are there to “serve and protect” your community doesn’t mean that you should believe them. And just because someone says that they are there to protest the murder of George Floyd doesn’t mean that you should believe them either. Direct action gets the goods, and that applies to protection and defense too.”

Another anarchist in Minneapolis writes:

“I am an anarchist in the Twin Cities, and I have seen anarchists in this town providing medical care, food, water, helping secure businesses, and organize against white supremacists. In our day to day lives, anarchists in the Twin Cities are active union members and organizers, caretakers of food shelves and community gardens, workers at cooperatives, providers of harm reduction and mental health services, copwatchers, musicians, and more.

Anarchists have stood with the movement against police brutality from the beginning. Many of us, especially black and brown anarchists, have taken injuries or arrests working as community members in the uprisings after the deaths of Jamar Clark, or Philando Castille. Anarchists have mobilized again and again to drive off white supremacists from this town, and more recently to defend and support health care workers.

Those of you blaming anarchists for the scariest parts of this uprising- how many anarchists do you know? Have you talked to an anarchist?

The narrative that this is all caused by outside agitators isn’t something the cops believe. It’s a justification that they need to say before they start committing much more serious violence. It’s a justification for shooting youth from our city.

The main force from out of town who are causing violence in the Twin Cities are the cops and the National Guard.”

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