Police State/Civil Liberties

Anyone Can Be a Victim of the Police State

Both of these memes make some important points. Anyone, from any socioeconomic or demographic group, can be a victim of the police state. Numerically, there may be more white victims, because whites are the largest group (about 60-70% of the US population). But, per capita, it is blacks, Native Americans, and Hispanics who are more likely to be attacked by the police, which in turn overlaps with class differences, because these ethnic communities are more likely to be poor.

A brown/black person is statistically more likely to be a victim of the police state, all other variables being equal. A poor person is more likely than a middle-class person. A member of a fringe culture (hippies, punks, Goths, etc) is more likely than a yuppie-type. A person with fringe religious or political affiliations more likely than someone with mainstream affiliations. A drug user more so than an alcohol consumer. A sexual minority (ranging from transpeople to sex workers) more so than a “straight” person.

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This really is an issue that transcends virtually all other divisions.

A religious fundamentalist (or any kind of religious minority from Wiccans to Sikhs to Jehovah’s Witnesses to Scientologists) should remember the massacre that was carried out against the Branch Davidian sect by the feds at Waco in 1993.

A white nationalist/separatist should remember the murders of the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge in 1992.

A black nationalist/separatist should remember the massacre of the MOVE in 1985.

No one who has ever participated in any of the various drug cultures should have any sympathy for the cops.

No one with a friend or family member who is incarcerated for a victimless crime or arcane statutory violation should have any sympathy for the carceral state.

Feminists should remember that the female prisoner population has exploded in the past 50 years (largely due to the “war on drugs”).

A Muslim should remember the repression that was carried out against the Islamic community following 9/11.

A gun owner should remember who it is that will come to take your guns when the confiscation order is given.

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  1. Inner-city underclasses also have more contact with cops due to their responsibility for most urban crime.

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