What is Your Preferred “Bolo”?

The “Bolobolo” novel, written by the Swiss utopian writer Hans Widmer in 1983, outlines an interesting vision of a utopian anarchist future that is more or less based on an-com principles and which is something of a more modern version of William Morris’ “News from Nowhere.” It’s not a particularly well-written work and the thinking isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Its references to the Cold War date it somewhat. But it’s an interesting blueprint for an actual “left-anarchist” civilization. The full novel is available in PDF form here. One thing that is interesting about the novel is that it outlines the prospect of an infinite variety of intentional communities reflecting different lifestyle and identity interests.

“In a larger city, we could find the following bolos: Alco-bolo, Sym-bolo, Sado-bolo, Maso-bolo, Vegi-bolo, Les-bolo, Franko-bolo, Italo-bolo, Play-bolo, No-bolo, Retro-bolo, Thai-bolo, Sun-bolo, Blue-bolo, Paleo-bolo, Dia-bolo, Punk-bolo, Proto-bolo, Krishna-bolo, Taro-bolo, Jesu-bolo, Tao-bolo, Para-bolo, Pussy-bolo, Marl-bolo, Necro-bolo, Basket-bolo, Coca-bolo, Incapa-bolo, HighTech-bolo, Indio-bolo, Alp-bolo, Mono-bolo, Metro-bolo, Acro-bolo, Soho-bolo, Herb-bolo, Macho-bolo, Hebro-bolo, Ara-bolo, Freak-bolo, Straight-bolo, Pyramido-bolo, Marx-bolo, Sol-bolo, Tara-bolo, Uto-bolo, Sparta-bolo, Bala-bolo, Gam-bolo, Tri-bolo, Logo-bolo, Mago-bolo, Anarcho-bolo, Eco-bolo, Dada-bolo, Digito-bolo, Subur-bolo, Bom-bolo, Hyper-bolo, Rasle-bolo, etc. Moreover, there are also just good old regular bolos, where people live normal, reasonable and healthy lives (whatever those are).”

Translated into contemporary terms you could add categories like asexual-bolo, incel-bolo, fat-bolo, Goth-bolo, Juggalo-bolo, Islamo-bolo, etc. And if you really wanted to piss people off you could throw in Aryan-bolo, He-Man Woman Hater’s Club-bolo, or God Hates Fags-bolo.

Bolo'Bolo by P.M.


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