What Progressives need to do to actualize their legislative priorities

This discussion is somewhat interesting but kind of sad. Krystal says her favorite presidents were FDR and LBJ. No surprise there (“Welfare Statism Uber Alles”). For Saager, it’s John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, Grant, and FDR. Sounds rather neoconnish. I guess that’s what passes for “national-populism” nowadays.

My favorite President was William Henry Harrison. The aspects of American history that I admire are not the deification of state leaders, but the long history of farmer rebellions, slave revolts, labor uprisings, resistance by Indian tribes, tax protests, rent strikes, anti-draft riots, prisoner uprisings, etc.

According to Saager, a “national-populist” economic approach would involve trade protectionism, revising the tax code to incentivize family and community values, immigration restriction, and (maybe) antitrust action. Basically, Tucker Carlson/Pat Buchanan-type stuff.


This week on #RisingQs hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti answer Rising fans’ questions on how Progressives can actually achieve the policy priorities they lay out, what would be in a national populist agenda, and who is the most underrated U.S. President.

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