Man in Singapore Sentenced to Death by Hanging Via Zoom Call

Believe it or not, there are “right-wing libertarians” (including folks who ought to know better) who think Singapore, an actual fascist state, is a praiseworthy libertarian society because “muh low taxes, man!” Singapore jails political dissidents and executes petty drug offenders. Interestingly, Singapore is a multicultural society with hate speech laws. They also have nationalized healthcare, lol.

Anarchists and libertarians, of whatever flavor, need to get past all of this “wokeness” from the Left and “bourgeois economism” from the Right.

By Matthew Impelli


A man in Singapore was recently sentenced to death by hanging via Zoom call, marking the second time the death penalty has been issued virtually.

On Friday, a judge in Singapore sentenced Punithan Genasan, a 37-year-old Malaysian man for heroin trafficking offenses. According to The Straits Times, Genasan introduced two drug dealers to each other in 2011, and was found to be associated with trafficking at least 28.5 grams of heroin.


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