Tucker breaks down the contenders to be Joe Biden’s running mate

Carlson’s tirade against the empty skirts that are trying to be the next Mike Pence (what a weenie that one is) is somewhat amusing.

The election coming up is interesting but not for the reasons that are usually stated. The Republican Party elites seem generally satisfied with Trump at this point. And why wouldn’t they be? He’s governed like a normal Republican on most economic issues (tax cuts for the rich, austerity for everyone else). He’s increased the budget for the war profiteers, and he’s given the Israelis and Saudis everything they want. That’s the real Republican Party agenda in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, the Deep State and the Democrats have formed an alliance to undermine Trump because the former thinks he’s too much of a loose cannon and not a team player, and the latter for obvious reasons. A President Biden will simply be a stuffed Lenin-cum-Charlie McCarthy for the Deep State, with his empty skirt VP assuming the role of an American version of Elizabeth II the Useless. The Deep State will be the ones pulling the strings in the Biden administration with Democraps in the Cabinet and Congress giving the Deep State a “progressive,” “human rights imperialist” facade (for example, look for them to bring back Samantha Power for the State Department or UN Ambassadorship).

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