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Trump vetoes bill to curtail his Iran war-making authority

Under Trump, US foreign policy in the Middle East has basically amounted to allowing Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey (the “triumvirate of evil”) to expand their respective spheres of influence while working to undermine Iran’s axis of resistance.
By Connor O’Brien

President Donald Trump on Wednesday vetoed a congressional resolution to block military action against Iran amid a new spike in tensions in the Middle East.

Trump’s rejection of legislative efforts to limit his war powers comes just weeks after Iranian vessels harassed U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf and the president threatened retaliation against Iranian ships.

The war powers resolution was passed in March, but wasn’t formally sent to the White House until just this week because Congress has been out of session due to the coronavirus. It was the first Iran-related measure to reach Trump’s desk after months of false starts on legislation that would require Congress to sign off on military action against Iran.


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