Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Peter Zeihan on The New President & the World Challenges & Opportunities

What would be the implications of Zeihan’s geopolitical analysis for global anti-imperialist struggle? As American unipolar hegemony recedes and the number of failed and/or weakened states proliferates, how can self-determinationists use these circumstances to our advantage?

Zeihan’s analysis of domestic US politics is also consistent with my own, i.e. the view that the US now has what amounts to three political parties: centrist neoliberals (moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans), faux populist-nationalists (right-wing Republicans whose only reliable constituencies are the conservative evangelicals and/or WASP nativists) and faux leftists (liberal Democrats whose main constituents are environmentalists, gays, African-Americans, single women, and the cultural left, i.e. the coalition envisioned by Fred Dutton way back in 1972).


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