The Limits of Clean Energy

Big Green is simply the left-wing of capital in the energy sector mounting a challenge to the traditional hegemony of Big Oil. The “Green New Deal” is merely about shifting the focus of state-capitalism/crony-capitalism from Big Oil to Big Green. It’s amazing how many “left-wingers” are falling for this.

By Jason Hickel

Foreign Policy

The conversation about climate change has been blazing ahead recently. Propelled by the school climate strikes and social movements like Extinction Rebellion, a number of governments have declared a climate emergency, and progressive political parties are making plans—at last—for a rapid transition to clean energy under the banner of the Green New Deal.

This is a welcome shift, and we need more of it. But a new problem is beginning to emerge that warrants our attention. Some proponents of the Green New Deal seem to believe that it will pave the way to a utopia of “green growth.” Once we trade dirty fossil fuels for clean energy, there’s no reason we can’t keep expanding the economy forever.

This narrative may seem reasonable enough at first glance, but there are good reasons to think twice about it. One of them has to do with clean energy itself.


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