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  1. Yeah, that’s why THE LAW IS ALWAYS EVIL, ALL COPS ARE TERRORISTS PERIOD, & THERE CAN ONLY BE PEACE WHEN THERE’S NO GOVERNMENT PERIOD! ALL COPS ARE EVIL, The Police are always part of the New World Order, which is ALWAYS RIGHTWING TYRANNY! There is absolutely no such thing as a Chinese Virus, & it’s called the Covid1984 Trumpvirus, which is a nasty bioweapon created by Israel & Trump, designed to genocide Asia, & that’s why I HATE Israel and Trump far more than ever! I can’t wait for you to join Minds.com, Keith Preston, PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, cool dude.
    Finally, here’s a post of mine on Minds that got banned from Facebook for ‘hate speech bullshit’, & i do remember that Voltarine De’claire famously said that there should be no laws on speech:

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