Trump’s inaccurate assertion of ‘total’ authority sparks challenge from governors

One of the best things about Trump is that he presents the state as it ought to be presented. When he speaks, he sounds like a mafia boss ordering a hit, which is exactly how the state ought to be portrayed. The chattering class/wine and cheese crowd crapola about Trump bringing a lack of dignity to the presidency is dead wrong. The state is the mafia writ large. The Trump administration somewhat resembles what a John Gotti administration might have been like. Refreshing.

By Seung Min Kim, Josh Dawsey, and Brady Dennis

President Trump’s inaccurate assertion that he has “total” authority to reopen a nation shuttered by the coronavirus is igniting a fresh challenge from governors scrambling to manage their states and highlighting a Republican Party reluctant to defy a president who has relished pushing the boundaries of executive power.

The president’s claim, first conveyed in a tweet Monday morning and underscored at a White House news conference and subsequent social media posts, caught his aides off guard and prompted them to study whether Trump would have such authority in a time of emergency like the ongoing pandemic.


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