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Tom Cotton Deserves No Credit for Getting the Coronavirus Right

One of the nuttiest guys in Congress actually got it at least partially right on COVID-19, not because he’s actually smart, but because he’s a hysterical Sinophobe.

By Matt Purple

The American Conservative

Tom Cotton is the Senate’s anti-Cassandra. Whereas Cassandra’s apocalyptic visions were never believed and always come true, Cotton’s are seized upon despite usually being ludicrous fantasies.

Thus did Cotton once claim that ISIS was teaming up with Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate the southern border and launch attacks in Arkansas. In 2013, he warned a constituent that she shouldn’t sign up for the Obamacare exchanges because Russian mobsters might steal her identity and sell it on the black market. In 2015, he suggested that ratifying President Obama’s arms deal with Iran could lead to nuclear war. Two years earlier, he’d contended that the threat from Iran was so grave that the family members of those who violated sanctions should be thrown in prison.

Now he’s being hailed as a prophet.


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