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President Trump’s shots at GM have left company insiders deeply troubled

A falling out among thieves. The only reason GM still exists is because of the last ruling class looting spree from 2008. Is the ruling class fracturing?

Jamie L. LaReau

Detroit Free Press

General Motors and its CEO Mary Barra are in President Donald Trump’s crosshairs more than most other companies and it has many inside the automaker and across the industry pondering why.

In a matter of 72 hours, starting Friday, the president chided GM for dragging its feet in getting lifesaving ventilators to the front lines in the battle against coronavirus.

Then on Sunday, Trump changed course, extolling GM after it announced its plans two days prior to make ventilators with Ventec LIfe System at GM’s Kokomo, Indiana, plant. The FDA-approved ventilators will ship in mid-April. Also, GM will begin manufacturing FDA-cleared surgical masks at its Warren plant next week.

But after Trump castigated GM, then praised it, world headlines exploded.

  • BBC on Friday: “Coronavirus: Trump orders ‘time wasting’ General Motors to make ventilators.”
  • Reuters on Sunday: “Trump’s attack on GM over ventilators quickly turns to praise.”
  • Bloomberg on Friday: “GM’s Ventilator Effort Goes Haywire With Trump Turning on CEO Barra.”
  • Forbes on Friday: “Trump Invokes DPA After Attacking GM CEO Barra Over Ventilator Production.”


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