Economics/Class Relations

It’s Time for a Nationwide Debt Strike

The proper solution to the exacerbation of class conflict that has been generated by the present public health crisis, and the opportunistic actions by the state and ruling class that have resulted, in a nationwide debt strike.

In the 1960s, draft resisters adopted the slogan, “Hell no, we won’t go.” The new slogan should be “Hell, no. We won’t pay.” Millions upon millions of Americans should stop paying rent, stop paying mortgages, stop paying credit card debts, stop paying student loans, stop paying medical bills, stop paying utility bills, stop making car payments, and stop making any other payments that are owed to any financial, corporate, or state institution.  The latest “stimulus,” like the bailouts of 2008, is just a massive ripoff of the general public for the sake of propping up the ruling class. A mere student loan debt strike is not good enough. We need a total debt strike.

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