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Italy’s suffering offers potential terrifying coronavirus preview for US

The author of this article apparently can’t do math. He claims 1% of Italians have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but according to the data he provides, it’s only 1/10 of 1/% with 10% of diagnosed cases having died so far, although the number infected is obviously larger than those accounted for.

By Reid Wilson

The Hill/MSN

A tsunami of coronavirus victims that is overwhelming health systems in Italy offers a frightening preview of what could lie ahead for the United States as case counts grow and hospitals run out of space and equipment to treat those with severe symptoms.

The strain is so great in Italy that the nation’s doctors have begun rationing care, making heart-wrenching decisions about who gets treatment and who is left to die. Obituary pages in local newspapers are running dozens of pages. Piles of coffins are stacked in parking lots.

“Too many for [the] crematory to burn,” Raffaele De Francesco, a microbiologist at the University of Milan, said in an email.

Just over a month after the hardest-hit Lombardy region confirmed its first case of the coronavirus, almost 64,000 Italians have been diagnosed with COVID-19 – or about 1 percent of the total population in a nation of 60 million. Of those, 6,077 have died, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.


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