Left and Right

BOOK: Leviathan & Its Enemies – Intro

A good discussion of a great book.

As long as I’ve been politically aware, I’ve been anarchist. I’ve never been anything else. I’ve always despised both left and right totalitarians (fascists, nazis, communists) as well as mainstream liberals and conservatives. When it comes to other fringe ideologies, I’ve generally thought libertarians were the best on the state but weak on some economic questions (the state, economic power, and other forms of institutional power cannot be separated from each other in the neat and tidy way many libertarians claim). The Left is pretty good at critiquing traditional forms of oppression and authoritarianism (feudalism, theocracy, monarchy, capitalism, fascism, racism, sexism, et. al.) but they have a woefully inadequate understanding of power itself, which is why leftist revolutions almost always produce new tyrannies (and often extreme ones). I am much more of a cultural cosmopolitan and anti-traditional than the paleoconservatives, but the serious paleoconservatives like the late Sam Francis, or Machiavellian elite theorists like Pareto, Michels, and Mosca, present a much better critique of how modern institutions and systems of power actually work.

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