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Sanctions Are Genocide

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting, possible text that says 'Hats off to Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani who passed away due to Coronavirus. Due to lack of medical staff she kept treating Cornaviris Patients till her last breath. Look closely she herself is on the IV while treating patients. U would be remembered Shirin! ! Rest in peace'

The worst tragedy of all is unfolding in Iran right now where an utterly insensitive and a criminally complicit world watches hapless Iranians fight the Covid 19 crisis with both hands tied behind their backs.

For that’s the situation they are in, given the US-led sanctions that are crippling their medical emergency services.

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  1. Do those sanctions prevent Iran from receiving medical equipment? I don’t think so.
    Obama gave Iran $150 billion, a billion or so in cash.

    I am not impressed. Someone will argue that this was “Iran’s money”, money originally intended to pay for military equipment during the 1979 revolution. My respose is that America could have passed a law prohibiting Iran from providing money to buy such equipment, and thereby seizing all that money. That should have been done.

    (The provision in the U.S. Constitution referring to the prohibition of “ex-post-facto” laws does not apply to civil laws, only criminal laws.)
    And, these days, the main impediment to Iran actually paying for any such equipment is due to the decision of Saudi Arabia to “break” OPEC’s production limits, dropping oil’s price from the recent $50/barrel to today’s nearly $20/barrel. THAT impoverishes Iran, and Venezuela, and other oil-producing nations. If that’s wrong, blame Saudi Arabia.

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