Reaching Across the Aisle

Todd Lewis is joined by Derrick Jensen from the Deep Green Resistance; Keith Preston from Attack the System to discuss the important of reaching across the aisle to communicate with people in camps you don’t agree with and why that is so important and at the same time difficult to do.

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      • Both have been targets of Antifa in the past for alleged fascist tendencies. Deep Green Resistance caught flack for supposedly being anti-trans. Basically DGR upheld the right of a woman’s group to exclude a person who was Male to Female trans from female communal accommodations. The fallout went wide and far. Around the same time I was hanging out with allies of DGR, and the whole Antifa community whipped themselves up into a frenzy about eco-fascism and Attack The System teaming up to start the 4th Reich led by a Native American, TERFS, and radical environmentalists. It was a politically slow era for Antifa due to Obama being in power with no real fascists around for them to focus on. Eventually we got Trump and Patriot Prayer (here in Oregon/Washington) and the Proud Boys so they’ve largely moved on from freaking out over imagined fascists to freaking out over some real ones.

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