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Tucker: Are we sure America won’t elect a socialist?

Trump came along in 2016 and knocked the Bush-Romney-McCain normal Republicans to the side, then won an upset elect against a veteran establishmentarian. Now, Sanders is successfully challenging the neoliberal Democrats. Will he get the nomination? Will the DNC cheat him out of the nomination? Could Sanders beat Trump? Tucker Carlson thinks so.

My prediction is that a Sanders administration would be even more polarizing than the Trump administration. The far-left would be emboldened. The far-right would be on the mega-defensive. The establishment center would be thrown off guard and baffled. How would the Deep State respond? How maverick would a President Sanders actually be? To what degree would he be co-opted and compromised by the national security establishment? My guess is that a President Sanders would, at the very least, make concessions to the military-industrial complex in exchange for expanding the welfare state while taking a far-left leap on social policy.

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